[Insert Egg Pun Here]

Easter. A time for me to reflect on my love of eggs. For your reference, here is a list of my Top 6 types of eggs: Steamed eggs with pork Scrambled eggs Scotch eggs Fried eggs Boiled eggs (so versatile) Century eggs (in the context of salted pork and century egg congee) I'm not sure … Continue reading [Insert Egg Pun Here]

Bring Me Congee

My pimped congee with salted pork topped with preserved vegetables and chilli oilCongee, or '粥', conjures up memories of... being sick as a child. Fevers, colds, stomach bugs, and everything in between. For me, it is food that I still turn to when I'm sick, run down, or just need a hug in a bowl. … Continue reading Bring Me Congee