Wow, it's a bit armageddonny out there isn't it? I'm sure like me your work has been thrown into disarray. I'm now working from home (WFH) with only Baron Pepperoni OBE for company. I've had to cancel a lot of international work gigs which has been heartbreaking as I've spent months working on them but … Continue reading WFH, WTF?

Vegan Food Made Easy

FYI - I haven't turned vegan. But I admit to being a bit ve-curious, whether vegetarian or full-on vegan. Let me just quickly remind you that the humble chip is in fact vegan (assuming you've not ordered them at the Black Country Living Museum). It's quite hard to go out these days without noticing the … Continue reading Vegan Food Made Easy

Goodbye Flo.

This week's post was supposed to be about my delicious visit to The Two Cats. However, I experienced some mild peril that I feel I need to talk about. Last week on the way back from the depths of Wolverhampton, I had a small traffic accident. This small accident cost me my car, known endearingly … Continue reading Goodbye Flo.